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Site Investigations

The company undertakes site investigation work for the development of greenfield and brownfield sites, including building alteration/extension work and subsidence damage affecting commercial and domestic properties.

The site investigation work covers both geotechnical and contamination assessments of the ground fully in accordance with established industry practices and standards.


Typically, for new developments, the site investigation work will comprise a Phase 1 Desk Top Study in order to establish the history of the site followed by a Phase 2 intrusive ground investigation to determine the geotechnical properties of the soils and the presence of any contamination.

Where contamination of the sub soils is expected or encountered additional gas/ water monitoring is undertaken. The findings from the Phase 1 and 2 stages are then brought together in a summary report and recommendations made for the development of the site.

Where significant contamination is discovered, it is sometimes necessary to undertake additional site investigation work and soil testing to determine how best to develop the site.

For contamination assessments the Contaminated Land Environment Assessment (CLEA) model is used. Where CLEA has not issued soil guideline values (SGV’s) to facilitate the direct assessment of the soils, reference is made on other published data. Alternatively, site specific SGV’s are generated in house.

All geotechnical and contamination testing of soil and water samples is undertaken using accredited Laboratories.

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