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Flood Risk Assessments

The company undertakes Pluvial and Fluvial flood risk assessments for new developments and for the design of remedial measures for existing sites.

The requirements of Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 25, ‘Development and Flood Risk’ now requires all Developers to consider climate change and to mitigate the effects of flood water. This requirement places a huge burden on the Developer and careful consideration is required at the time of the purchase of the land and subsequently at the design inception stage to ensure that the flood water is properly managed.


All flood risk assessment work is undertaken hydro dynamically using established software programme’s and presented in Report format with recommendations. Rainfall data used for analysis work is site specific.

Land survey data is modelled three dimensionally, which enables earthworks to be quickly assimilated and their effect on the flood model to be accurately analysed. This facility also permits an accurate volume calculation for any necessary storm attenuation ponds.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) philosophy is utilised in all Projects in accordance with CIRIA guidelines.

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