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Stewart Morris Partnership is a firm of Consulting Structural and Civil Engineers based in Leicester, England. The company undertakes approximately 400 to 500 new commissions each year, which vary in nature from basic structural advice to moderately sized new build/ refurbishment projects.

The upper limit of the construction value based on current resources is approximately £25 Million. There is no lower limit to the value of construction work, which we can undertake.

Our investment in hardware, software and training has allowed the Company to undertake a wide variety of Project Types in-house without the need to subcontract key elements e.g. site investigation work, Fluvial and Pluvial flood assessment work etc. This facilitates the Company to offer a more rounded service to its Clients, with quicker overall delivery and less risk of misunderstandings occurring between the different disciplines that are necessary to complete a Project in the modern world.


The training requirements of all staff are reviewed annually.

External training courses are generally used to bring new skills and knowledge into the Practice.

Internal training is Project orientated with the intention of generating interest and focus on the core skills which are necessary to solve the particular problems that the Project presents. The knowledge and skills built up in this way are then more readily assimilated and understood allowing staff to manage increasingly more complex jobs.

Where Projects require particular specialist skills which cannot be resourced in house, staff are given additional training and/ or specialist sub-consultants/ subcontractors are employed to ensure the technical standard of the company is not compromised.

All members of staff are also encouraged to extend their knowledge by attending forums and talks organised by the Institutions of Structural and Civil Engineers at local branch meetings. These functions also permit a wider level of debate with their peers within the construction industry.

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